Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Vision of Love

One of my professor's at William Jessup University planted an idea in my head that I will never forget. WJU is a very tight-knit atmosphere. We are not only students learning how to serve in the world, but we are family. I love this school and it has helped me grow and mature in my life, and in my walk with God.
Beofre WJU came to Rocklin, the school was called San Jose Bible College. My professor had worked at SJBC and made the move to Sacramento so that he could continue to work at WJU (many of the professors did). He told us a story in class of how their little community of students would reach out towards one another when they were in need. During class they would express their needs and the students would help eachother out. If someone needed light bulbs, another student would provide them. If someone was not able to pay their car bill, everybody would pitch in what they could. He casually called this act of kindness "Love-bombing someone". That is when the seed began to grow into an idea, and now a reality.
I was lying in my bed thinking about "love bombing" others, and an idea sparked into my heart and head. I thought about it all night. So with that I would like to announce that I will be founding "LoveBomb Photography" in honor of my professor. When needs arise I will use the profits from my photography sessions to help others in need and they will be able to consider themselves love bombed :) This is what it means to be the hands and feet of Christ. God gave me a gift of capturing people's joy, and I will use this gift to do His will!


With that said, I would like to announce the first two clients whose sessions were the very first contributions of LoveBomb Photography
Miss Leah Faull


Mr. Matthew Coyne

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